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A Colorado native, Nick knows the landscape as well as anyone. From Colorado Springs to Boulder, he has lived, worked, and attended school for over 30 years across the Colorado Front Range. Nick graduated from the University of Denver with a real estate and finance degree, making him one of only a handful of real estate agents with a 4-year degree in the field. His passion for real estate developed through years of participation in his family-owned real estate portfolio and a love for sharing his passion with others.

Being introduced to real estate through these family-owned second homes in the Front Range and mountains of Colorado plays a large role in Nick's passion for real estate. Owning these properties through some of the best and worst markets in recent history has given Nick the opportunity to experience the advantages and complexities of owning real estate. He draws on these first-hand experiences when making recommendations for his clients in an effort to ensure the best possible long-term experience and investment.

Having a real estate and finance degree has given Nick an excellent understanding of real estate as an investment. However, taking the time to understand what a successful investment means in the eyes of his individual clients is paramount. To some, success is defined as purchasing a place to call home and having an income-tax deduction. To others, building a real estate portfolio as a means of retirement income is the goal. Regardless, Nick has the skills and knowledge to assist his clients in making their venture a success.

Being educated, investment minded, local, and experienced makes Nick a great real estate agent. His empathy and understanding of what it means to be a homeowner; the commitment and the pride, is what makes him great to work with. With his assistance you will not be taking a leap of faith, but will be taking a confident step forward in your financial future.


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